Thursday, April 26, 2012

Morning update 6:15

His temperature is back to average. He is still sedated and on ventilation. His blood pressure and heart rate are both good also. He is still Hulking when he is taking off of sedation. He is responding and seems to be able to move all of his body parts even if it is just when hulking. A further description of injuries: scratches and bruises over the whole body. One large bruise where the seat belt was (thank god he was wearing it!) More will be posted as it comes. Thank you all for the wishes and prayers. It is really appreciated.


  1. Still saying prayers. Thank God for seatbelts!

  2. thanks for all the updates paydon, your a good brother. 'hulking'... very descriptive word.. uncle jeff

  3. Yes thank you so much for such detailed updates. I think one of the worst feelings at the hospital is the waiting; on doctors opinions, for test results, for next steps. Our family really appreciates you keeping the rest of us who love and care for him informed as you wait through this uncertainty. Your whole family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers. - Sarah Frazelle