Monday, April 30, 2012

Spence has had a decent day yah! Cranky at times, smart ass at others, and even a few laughs when his jaw did not hurt. They changed his pain med which seems to help the abdominal pains tremendously. Walked the halls some but has not lapped a mile yet. Has successfully gotten several family members and Nick to give him neck and ankle messages. Has failed at getting anyone to give him a chocolate shake, but  heard someone said they would make him a sandwich though he cannot chew it? Continues to get nutrition through nasal feeding tube. All abrasions healing which makes them itch so he scratches then bleeds. Stop picking Spencer!!! Sutures to head and drain intake- his haircut is his craziest yet. Liver enzymes tiny bit down. Jaw surgery tomorrow afternoon, so he probably will not be very awake until Wednesday. We will keep you updated.

Thank you everyone for your kind words,support,and prayers.

Mom Kim


  1. Great news he is healing and acting like Spencer! Yes, stop picking or you will have scars! I feel bad he is hungry but can't eat. We will be praying that surgery goes well! Tell him hi from all of us! Jacq & Nstalies Mom.

  2. Uncle Sean said aunt B will make you your favorite kind of sandwich let you see, feel, and smell it! But he would save you from the pain and eat it for you!!!

    Love you bunches
    Uncle Sean aunt b and the boys