Monday, May 7, 2012

yup yup

Spencer has been released from KU Med and is now at a rehab center that does not allow visitors. Thank you all for your support.
Staples came out of his head, only twinged when his hair was pulled. Facial sutures removed-slight rt side movement improvement. Probably still months until back to normal. Spencer is definately had to change his diet. Soft foods and added carbs/sugars for calories. Labs are stable, hemoglobin (blood count) remains low at 9.3, but higher then 7.2 he was. Walking halls more though he gets tired easily. Will not be running a marathon soon!! Looking for discharge from KU soon, but still pending. Will have lots to do for recovery. Please contact his dad still for visits re:keeping things calm and paced. Though he thinks things will jump right back to norm we think he may be in for a surprise. As you probably have figured out he will not be returning to school this year, so enjoy it for him.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blogging. Blogging. I was told to blog, I got my ACT score today and was really  disappointed but it';'s what ever. On my writing portion i got a 9 out of twelve, I think it was out of tweleve haha. Apparently i can't spell either. My jaw is crooked and i still  can only feel part of the right side of my face.... EVERY ONE COME VISIT!!!!! it's ok now you don't need to check and confirm just show up and knock, i'll be here. be sure to knock though because sometimes i takes a spongebath and tt
hat could be awkward

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Looking good

Spencer has been walking a few times a day. Still sleeps alot. All of his labs are looking better. Still in some pain. Overall seems chipper.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Neuro to do EMG today since right side facial paralysis remains. Spencer is REALLY upset about this happening since it was such a minimal % to happen. Hopefully he will get movement back-doctor has talked about more surgery to help it-YUK!!! He just returned from his first walk off the floor. It might take a little to get back in shape, but his dad says he did awesome. The hair... He seems ok with the one sided mohawk look... interesting.  He is making progress:)


Thursday, May 3, 2012

So on the positive side feeding tube and head drain gone. Right side facial paralysis remains, but he is able to eat some soft foods fairly well. Not all is as easy as others. Shakes of coarse have gone over well. His blood count has dropped a bit more so he gets exhausted even faster. Receiving medicines to help bring it up. Has slept lots past two days, which is better then before when discomfort got better of him. Still getting multiple blood draws daily to monitor things.
Not well enough to wonder the hospital quit yet.
With all that has happened and things facing us still, we are lucly and blessed with what we have been given. Make sure everyone in your life knows how much you care because you never know what tomorrow brings.


damn -Spencers first writings

Damn feeding tube is in the way of eating real food so now I have to sit here with this friggin tube down my throat for another day, still being unable to eat. BUT on the upside i get all the free ice cream and chocolate smoothies That i can endure, which is drastically increasing every day. Don't forget to stay in shape! I have walked a whole mile and a half since being here =-) which for a guy who got out of two surgeries has over 15 stitches/staples protruding rather exotically. Did i mention that I can only effectively control half my face? It sounds totally worse than it really is haha at the beginning of this blog i was determined to craft a grammatical master piece with exquisite word choice and an unparalleled level of intelligence other people didn't think were possible from me =) I got bored though  and am not going to even attempt anything like that. now that this blog is at least a decent pargraphish thing long it will be posted, dear world, I am alive. This  The human resistance.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ENT doctor in and says CT of jaw looks good. Concerned with severe paralysis of left side of face. Not drooling to much. Hopefully temporary nerve irritation. Left ear better, but will remain an UGLY EAR.
Got to have a chocolate shake, which he thought was delicious. Moving better and working on walking a mile. Remains on heparin, tube feedings, and fluids. Oh yah, he is proud he got to pee on his own today:) Foley gone which he says was not a pleasant removal. It made me laugh a bit.

mom Kim

Wednesday Morning

Spencer woke up grouchy this morning, good sign, he gets to eat clear liquids, he is so excited, its been a week since he has eaten anything. Will update again when docs come around. He did get his catheter out this morning, which made him a lot happier.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finally done with surgery. Now to get extubated without taking out the staff. Two plates at frontal lower jaw, one upper rt, all internal. Doctor says left ear looking better with packing the best he could do-really if it is attached it looks good to a wrestler.
2nd plate is in, working on the ear, should be done in 30 minutes or so.

Just updated from OR staff, Midlower jaw plated and done-working on rt upper jaw (which is tricky re:nerves)-left ear beautification next (not sure Spence cares about that). Looking at completion around 7pm tonite. Praying he does not wake up again like the Hulk on crack. We did warn them though!
Leaving to go to the operating room, will update in a few hours.


Jaw Day

Docs visited early this morning, surgery will start between 1 and 2pm, and should last 2 to 3 hours. The long wait begins.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Spence has had a decent day yah! Cranky at times, smart ass at others, and even a few laughs when his jaw did not hurt. They changed his pain med which seems to help the abdominal pains tremendously. Walked the halls some but has not lapped a mile yet. Has successfully gotten several family members and Nick to give him neck and ankle messages. Has failed at getting anyone to give him a chocolate shake, but  heard someone said they would make him a sandwich though he cannot chew it? Continues to get nutrition through nasal feeding tube. All abrasions healing which makes them itch so he scratches then bleeds. Stop picking Spencer!!! Sutures to head and drain intake- his haircut is his craziest yet. Liver enzymes tiny bit down. Jaw surgery tomorrow afternoon, so he probably will not be very awake until Wednesday. We will keep you updated.

Thank you everyone for your kind words,support,and prayers.

Mom Kim

The day after the other one

So spencer is still doing pretty good. Stable, walking around, playing games. Still planning on having that jaw surgery tomorrow. He might get his head tube taken out soon.Still using a feeding tube (which he loves soooooooo much). Still a little sensitive to touch.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today's News

Spencer has moved up to the trauma floor. This is just because it is easier for the Trauma Docs to have all of their patients together. The results of the CT scan are that there is nothing outstanding but a possible improvement on the blood clout. He walked about 450ft today. Jaw surgery still scheduled for Tuesday. Overall it seems like it was a pretty good day for him.


The 1st long(ish) walk

Spencer walked 200 feet this afternoon!! Still havn't seen the docs today, no results yet from CT scan this morning. We are being moved again.
He has had some pain in his abdomen so they took him to have a CT scan done.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spencer has been transferred out of ICU, he has started walking a little with a walker, which wears him out pretty quick, hopefully tomorrow he will get the catheter out. Tuesday is the next big day, jaw surgery.

Hopefully he will be transferred out of the ICU tonight or tomorrow, he is doing very well, he smiles and jokes alot and is doing everything he can to get better.


Good Time in the ICU

Ortho MDs changed the dressing on his looks real good and the MDs said that he had not damage any of the ligaments or tendons. It was a deep cut but clean. He can work on bending it and it should be healed in 6 weeks. He doesn't like to bend it but did a little bend on his own because he was told it would heal faster and move easier....he is already trying to improve things for himself.

He is still up in the is reclined back...but can sit up and back when he wants which is good for him. He is getting feed via a tube because of his unstable jaw but what he really wants is chocolate milk.
Grandma Aldridge
He moved from the bed to the recliner!!! YAY!!

Saturday morning

Spencer slept well, he is off oxygen, going to try to get him out of bed today. Will do another update after docs come around.

thanks again for everyones support.


Friday, April 27, 2012

I am so happy to say that we have seen Spencer's beautiful blue eyes many times today! He has been making all of us laugh today from the moment he woke up. He said he was thankful for his loooonnnggg nap. We told him he looks so much better now and his response was, "really, because I feel like CRAP!"
Spencer now has a NasoGastric tube in, they will use it to feed him since he can't eat with a broken jaw. Although he has said that he's hungry and wants to eat! What a good sign that is.

Aunt Dawnell


The groin IV has been removed and they cut opened, drained and stitched up his cauliflower ear!!! (yay)

Spencer has been extubated!!! His MRI was negative, so they removed his neck collar also! He has already yelled at the nurse. Apparently he still doesn't like a lot of questions! Good to see him being himself!:-)

Aunt Dawnell
Spencer is still intubated but is breathing on his own. He was able to wake up this morning for about two minutes. He was able follow commands, open his eyes, and shake his head is response to a question.


1:49am neurological checkup

Spencer responded to this check up better than the last few. He almost opened his eyes and did not hulk as much.

I would like to thank everyone for their wishes and prayers.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Contact info for visiting

Please text Ed at 785-550-3853 before coming to visit, please leave your name and I will respond as soon as i am able.

Ed Wilson

News and a request

He will have jaw surgery next week. Also they are going to try to fully wake him up tomorrow.  On another note, we don't want to overwhelm spencer so please call.


ENT oral surgeon says that nothing will probably be done with his jaw before next week. Try to come up with alternative meds to keep him relaxed and less sedated.

After MRI report

He is out of the MRI but we will not get the results for two hours.

4:45 update

Went for an MRI to make sure there is no neck injury.

1:15 doc visit

Physicians came in and checked Spencer. They took off his head bandage... he has a 5-6 inch laceration with a bunch of staples. He will have an MRI of his neck to make sure there is no fractures and then they will remove his cervical collar. Kim is cleaning his hands....both hand have a lot of little cuts and skin abrasions and they will xray them to make sure there are no fractures in his hand also. When they decrease his sedation he wakes up and moves around and has to be told to stay down in the bed...this is a good sign. Swelling on face has gone down so Kim and Dawnell cleaned his face and he looks good.

It is 11:13, still are waiting for all the doctors to round. Spencer got to have a small bed bath this morning. He looks so much better without all the extra dried goo. 


They have decided to not operate on the blood clout. They are waiting and seeing on that. He lost a tooth also, i think it is in the front bottom part of his jaw. The other doctors have not been in to see him yet.

Vascular surgeon saw him. Continue to monitor him. Have him on Heparin for his celiac artery clot. The Trauma doc also says they will continue monitoring him.

Morning update 6:15

His temperature is back to average. He is still sedated and on ventilation. His blood pressure and heart rate are both good also. He is still Hulking when he is taking off of sedation. He is responding and seems to be able to move all of his body parts even if it is just when hulking. A further description of injuries: scratches and bruises over the whole body. One large bruise where the seat belt was (thank god he was wearing it!) More will be posted as it comes. Thank you all for the wishes and prayers. It is really appreciated.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Plans for the night are to try and wake Spencer every hour to do nuero checks. They will continue to check labs and keep him on the ventilator. As long as his liver enzymes remain normal there will not be any changes tonight.
Spencer woke up briefly and tried to pull out his breathing tube! It is good to see that his hulk like strength is still intact. He had Dad, Mom, Aunt Dawnell and the nurse trying to keep him in the bed and that is with restraints! Thank goodness he is a fighter!
Spencer is back in the Surgical ICU. He has had his right knee and the large laceration on his scalp repaired. He currently has drains in both his head and knee. They are doing several x-rays to make sure everything else looks good. He does respond to pain, but not verbal cues yet. He is still intubated. Waiting for orthopedic to come talk with us.

Surgery update at 8

Both the head and right leg cut are being closed right now. Doctor Hendricks, orthopedic,  and a plastic surgeon,name unknown, will be taking him straight from the operating room to his hospital room.

Doctor talk at 7:00pm

Right now they will continue to watch clot in celiac artery, extremely hard to operate on artery with clot. Will watch liver enzymes, liver artery is filling well by SMA. Operation would need to happen if liver enzymes rise.
Currently going to OR for operation on knee laceration and laceration on head.

Whats going on so far

Spencer was in an accident today at 1:30pm on Peterson at the junction where Peterson meets the road that leads to Martin park. He was airlifted to KU Med where they diagnosed him with at least a broken jaw and a possible blood clout that is being looked at. They did put him on a ventilator because he was combative and his broken jaw.   At 6:35 he is going to get his knee cleaned out because he has a deep laceration. Eventually he will get surgery on it. Right after the accident Spencer was conscious and talking to the officer.