Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blogging. Blogging. I was told to blog, I got my ACT score today and was really  disappointed but it';'s what ever. On my writing portion i got a 9 out of twelve, I think it was out of tweleve haha. Apparently i can't spell either. My jaw is crooked and i still  can only feel part of the right side of my face.... EVERY ONE COME VISIT!!!!! it's ok now you don't need to check and confirm just show up and knock, i'll be here. be sure to knock though because sometimes i takes a spongebath and tt
hat could be awkward


  1. He got a 25 on his ATC without studying. This was his first time. You done great brosef

  2. Yes, Spencer 25 is great, and 9 on the writing is really good! Quit being so hard on yourself. You must be feeling alot better!!! Still praying for you and glad you can have visitors. We would like to come see you, please know we think of you a lot. I missed you at the swimming and diving meet Saturday. Keep up the hard work of getting better. Jacq and Natalies Mom