Monday, May 7, 2012

Staples came out of his head, only twinged when his hair was pulled. Facial sutures removed-slight rt side movement improvement. Probably still months until back to normal. Spencer is definately had to change his diet. Soft foods and added carbs/sugars for calories. Labs are stable, hemoglobin (blood count) remains low at 9.3, but higher then 7.2 he was. Walking halls more though he gets tired easily. Will not be running a marathon soon!! Looking for discharge from KU soon, but still pending. Will have lots to do for recovery. Please contact his dad still for visits re:keeping things calm and paced. Though he thinks things will jump right back to norm we think he may be in for a surprise. As you probably have figured out he will not be returning to school this year, so enjoy it for him.


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