Thursday, May 3, 2012

So on the positive side feeding tube and head drain gone. Right side facial paralysis remains, but he is able to eat some soft foods fairly well. Not all is as easy as others. Shakes of coarse have gone over well. His blood count has dropped a bit more so he gets exhausted even faster. Receiving medicines to help bring it up. Has slept lots past two days, which is better then before when discomfort got better of him. Still getting multiple blood draws daily to monitor things.
Not well enough to wonder the hospital quit yet.
With all that has happened and things facing us still, we are lucly and blessed with what we have been given. Make sure everyone in your life knows how much you care because you never know what tomorrow brings.


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  1. You are soo right. Im glad hes so much. Hang in there its going to get even better for all of you. Thinking of you guys always kristy