Thursday, May 3, 2012

damn -Spencers first writings

Damn feeding tube is in the way of eating real food so now I have to sit here with this friggin tube down my throat for another day, still being unable to eat. BUT on the upside i get all the free ice cream and chocolate smoothies That i can endure, which is drastically increasing every day. Don't forget to stay in shape! I have walked a whole mile and a half since being here =-) which for a guy who got out of two surgeries has over 15 stitches/staples protruding rather exotically. Did i mention that I can only effectively control half my face? It sounds totally worse than it really is haha at the beginning of this blog i was determined to craft a grammatical master piece with exquisite word choice and an unparalleled level of intelligence other people didn't think were possible from me =) I got bored though  and am not going to even attempt anything like that. now that this blog is at least a decent pargraphish thing long it will be posted, dear world, I am alive. This  The human resistance.



  1. Go Gadget go!! For a boy who likes to eat this has become a challenge to get enough calories in.

  2. I am glad you are back into the digital world, Spencer. Now why don't you just log right into facebook and accept that friend request I sent you three months ago... Or else my brownies might accidentally "get lost" on the way to come see you.